Coahoma Community College is located in Clarksdale, MS. Coahoma is a historically black college, and adheres to the tradition of providing excellent education to African Americans. Their nursing division offers an ACEN accredited ADN program. This program is tailored to LPNs, and is comprised of 2 general education semesters, 2 semester of nursing courses, and a summer term.

Coahoma’s ADN curriculum has a clinical focus that incorporates academic knowledge, nursing theory, and simulated experiences. The program emphasizes collaboration, inclusivity and future-forward thinking. Learning outcomes are rooted in patient-centered care and professionalism. Students will cultivate leadership skills, communication techniques, teamwork methods, as well as familiarity with technology and modern advancement in the nursing field.

Coahoma Community College’s mission is to prepare caring and independent nurses with critical thinking skills who can participate in their healthcare communities as a valuable member. Students can apply once a year for fall enrollment.