Simmons College is a private school in Boston, MA that was founded in 1899. Though all undergraduate programs are women-only, they do offer co-educational graduate programs. The nursing school offers a BSN program as well as a BSN to MSN program. The traditional four year program is centered around compassionate and skillful applications of nursing principles. With simulation labs, a core curriculum and a clinical education program, students at Simmons will be immersed in a full-time, supportive experience.

For adult learners they offer a special program: the Dorothea Lynde Dix Scholars Program, which is a BSN track that is to be completed in 16 months or two years. This program is open for those who are 24 or older. The 16 month option is ideal for those with a previous non-nursing bachelor’s degree who want to complete the program at an accelerated pace. The 2 year option is for those desiring a part-time program that does not require the student to hold a previous bachelor’s degree.

The school also offers a unique mentoring program entitled the Dotson Bridge and Mentoring program which is tailored to the needs, experiences, and prospective success of Native American, Asian, Latina, and African American students who are part of the nursing program.