• To become an LPN requires at least 1 year of additional education.
  • To become an RN requires at least 2 years of additional education.
  • The NCLEX exams will differ in the content of the material covered and the number of questions presented.
  • An LPN works under the supervision of an RN and/or physician.
  • LPN’s are not allowed to perform patient assessments; rather they can observe how the patient looks, feels, and responds – and they must report this information accordingly.
  • LPN’s can collect data such as vital signs, pain level, and blood glucose levels.
  • LPN’s cannot interpret data or provide patient education; the RN is responsible for those tasks.
  • RN’s make final decisions and delegate care, LPN’s do not.

All nurses, whether they have 1 year of further education or 5+ years, are all crucial to the nursing profession and have the possibility to impact the lives of others. If members of a health care facility all work as a team, it will undoubtedly make a positive impact in how effective the overall patient care proves to be.