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A patient has a new prescription for valproic acid.  The nurse should inform the patient of the need for routine monitoring of which of the following, in order to ensure the medication is not exerting any negative effects?


A nurse is assessing a 4 year old for indications of autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  For which of the following indications should the nurse assess for that most relates to that specific disorder?


A registered nurse at a community mental health clinic is performing chart reviews of multiple patients.  Which of the following situations would be an example of a patient who experienced a maturational crisis?


An emergency room nurse is performing her assessment on a child who is reporting abdominal pain.  As the nurse is conducting her head-to-toe assessment, which of the following findings should alert the nurse to possible abuse?  (Select all that apply).


A hospital is hosting a community wide blood pressure screening for the general public to attend.  This would be an example of which of the following levels of care?


An RN is making assignments for patient care to a LPN at the start of their shift.  Which of the following tasks should the LPN question?


Upon completion of a sterile dressing change, the nurse has removed the sterile pack from its outside cover and placed it on a clean work surface.  Which of the following flaps should the nurse unfold first?


A nurse has taken over care for a patient who presents with linear clusters of vesicles that appear to contain fluid with some crusts.  Which of the following should the nurse immediately suspect?


You are caring for a patient that reports a severe sore throat, pain when he swallows, and swollen lymph nodes.  You should be aware that the patient is experiencing which of the following stages of infection?


Being aware of fire safety is a definite must within your facility, you must always be prepared and ready to help take action should an emergency occur.  Knowing that, which of the following types of fire extinguishers are for electrical fires?


A newly licensed nurse should understand that which of the following patient positions would inhibit chest expansion the most?


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which immunizations should the nurse inform the parents that are recommended for their adolescent to receive?  (Select all that apply).


Prior to performing a physical examination on a patient, the nurse should know that which part of her hand should be used during palpation for the most optimal assessment of the patient’s skin temperature?


When preparing for her examination the student nurse should be aware that which of the following cranial nerves are responsible for the movement and strength of the tongue?


The nurse is preparing to auscultate the apical pulse on a patient.  At which position should she place her stethoscope on the patient’s chest in order to reach this cardiac landmark and be able to record the correct pulse?


A community health nurse is preparing an educational program on communicable diseases.  When discussing routes of transmission, which of the following should the nurse include as an airborne illness?


Upon reviewing the common emergency management protocol for patients during a cardiac emergency situation, the nurse should be aware that which of the following is an appropriate medication to administer via the IV route?


A registered nurse is responsible for a patient who has suffered from a traumatic head injury and has an intraventricular catheter placed in the brain to monitor their ICP.  The RN should monitor the patient for which of the following complications related to the intraventricular catheter?


One of the patients you are responsible for this shift is receiving morphine via a patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) infusion device after abdominal surgery.  Which of the following statements made by the patient indicates to you that they know how to use the PCA?


A nurse is caring for a patient who just suffered from a generalized seizure.  Which of the following actions should the nurse take first?


As a RN you are educating a female patient at discharge regarding a new prescription for phenytoin.  Which of the following information should you include with your instructions?


A nurse is reinforcing teaching with a patient who has Parkinson’s disease and has received a new prescription for bromocriptine from their physician.  Which of the following instructions should be included in the patient education?


When working in a long-term care facility, you are developing a care plan for a patient with stage 5 of Alzheimer’s disease.  Which of the following interventions would you include?


When reviewing the medical record of a patient with a malignant brain tumor, you note that the patient has a positive Romberg sign.  Which of the following tasks should the nurse take in order to assess for this sign?


A patient with an expanding brain tumor has a prescription for dexamethasone and would like the nurse to review the likely effects of the medication with them.  Which of the following are appropriate statements by the nurse?

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