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1. An ER nurse is planning care for a patient who has a left hip fracture. Which of the following devices should the nurse anticipate for immobilization?

Your patient has osteoarthritis (OA) of their knees and fingers. Which manifestations should you expect to find during your admission assessment? (Select all that apply).


You are providing teaching to your patient related to a new prescription for methotrexate for severe psoriasis.  Which of the following pieces of information should you be sure to include?

4. Your patient has Seborrheic keratosis on the forehead and nose. Upon your assessment which characteristics of this condition should you expect to observe? (Select all that apply).
5. Which of the following is the proper classification of a burn if your patient presents with a severe sunburn?
6. You are preparing to administer fentanyl to a patient who was admitted 24 hours ago following deep partial-thickness and full-thickness burns to over 60% of the body. You should plan to use which route to give this medication?
7. Another nurse is taking care of a patient with diabetes insipidus (DI). Which of the following urinalysis findings should the nurse expect to find?
8. When reviewing the characteristics of hyperthyroidism with peers, which of the following should the nurse make sure to include? (Select all that apply).

You are caring for a patient who has a prescription for levodopa (Sinemet).  Which of the following should you advise her to limit in her diet?


Another nurse is caring for a patient who experienced a cervical spine injury 24 hours ago.  Which of the following types of prescribed medications should that nurse clarify with the physician?


A nurse is assessing a client who is in respiratory distress.  She should recognize that which of the following may cause a low pulse oximetry reading?  (Select all that apply).


Your assignment for the shift includes assessing a patient following a bronchoscopy.  Which of the following findings should you report to the physician?


Which of the following manifestations would be expected if your patient was suspected to have Meniere’s disease?


Your patient has just been admitted following surgical evacuation of a subdural hematoma.  Which of the following would you carry out as your priority assessment of their condition?


Which of the following assessment findings would indicate an increased intracranial pressure (ICP) in your patient who has sustained a gunshot wound to the head?  (Select all that apply).


You are caring for a patient who has an increased ICP and the physician just prescribed mannitol (Osmitrol).  Which of the following adverse effects should you be aware to monitor for when administering mannitol?


Which of the following assessment findings would be expected if your patient has experienced a left-hemispheric stroke?


A physician has order a patient to receive furosemide 8 mg/kg via IV push Q6h.  Medication label reads 500mg/5mL.  How many mL will you prepare if the patient weighs 56 kg?


A nurse on the unit is having trouble getting a patient aroused following an esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD).  Which of the following is the priority action by the nurse?


A nurse is educating a patient about a fecal occult blood test, which requires obtaining three stool specimens.  Which of the following statements by the patient indicates an understanding of the teaching?


An RN is caring for a patient who had a paracentesis.  Which of the following findings during her assessment would indicate that the bowel was perforated during the procedure?


A nurse is admitting a patient who has bleeding esophageal varices.  The nurse should anticipate a physician order for which of the following medications?


A nurse is educating a patient who has a new diagnosis of pernicious anemia due to chronic gastritis.  Which of the following should be included in the education?


A nurse is performing her assessment on a 6 month old infant.  Which of the following reflexes should the infant exhibit?


As a nurse, you are caring for a patient that has come into the office requesting a pregnancy test.  She tells you that her last menstrual period was on April 8.  The final result of the test is positive.  Using Nagele’s rule, what will be her estimated date of birth? 

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