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An elderly patient is found lying on the floor of his hospital room.  The patient was on fall precautions.  Which of the following actions is most appropriate for the nurse to take first in this situation?


A staff registered nurse (RN) is preparing to insert an IV for patient that has been ordered to have morphine 10mg IVP.  Using time management skills, which of the following actions should the RN take first?


An RN on a medical-surgical unit is in charge of making nurse-patient assignments at the beginning of the shift.  Which task should the nurse delegate to the licensed practical nurse (LPN)?


As a nurse, you are preparing to transfer an adult patient who is 72 hours postoperative from surgery, back to a long-term care facility.  Which of the following should you include in the transfer report?  (Select all that apply).


An RN is attending an interprofessional conference for a patient who has sustained a recent C6 spinal cord injury.  The patient was a construction worker.  Which of the following members of the healthcare team should also participate in planning care for this patient?  (Select all that apply).

6. The RN has taken over care for a patient and their condition is declining. Upon reviewing their medical records, the nurse notices that the patient’s do not resuscitate (DNR) order has expired. Which of the following actions should the nurse take in this situation?
7. A newly licensed nurse is preparing to start an IV. Which of the following sources should the nurse use in order to best review the procedure and the standard at which it should be performed?
8. A nurse observes a nursing assistant reprimanding a patient for not using the urinal properly. The nursing assistant threatens to put a brief on the patient if he does not use the urinal more carefully next time. Which tort is the nursing assistant committing?
9. A nursing assistant reports that the blood sugar of a patient was 58 mg/dL a half hour before lunch. The patient’s morning blood sugar was 285 mg/dL. The patient is observed to be asymptomatic at this time despite their low blood sugar result, plus the next dose of insulin is scheduled to be administered at this time. Which of the following actions should the nurse take first?
10. A nurse finds out that a patient was administered an antihypertensive medication in error. Check all that apply in this situation.
11. A community is experiencing an outbreak of meningitis, and hospital beds are in urgent need. Which of the following patient should the charge nurse recommend for discharge?
12. A nurse is educating a patient who is taking iron supplements about what other foods aid in its absorption into the body. Which of the following food choices made by the patient would indicate that they understood the teaching?
13. A nurse is caring for a patient who routinely takes warfarin (Coumadin). Which of the following food choices should the nurse advise the patient to limit in their diet?
14. A nurse is teaching a nutritional class on minerals and electrolytes. Which of the following food sources would provide the best amounts of magnesium when consumed?
15. Which of the following clinical findings are associated with hypothyroidism?
16. Which of the following medications should the nurse be aware of that decreases the body’s rate of metabolism?
17. A nurse is calculating BMI for a number of patients. Which of the following BMI results indicates an overweight patient?

A nurse is teaching a nutritional class to a group of females. Which of the following should the nurse include as risk factors for developing osteoporosis? (Select all that apply).

19. You are caring for a patient who has a urinary tract infection (UTI). The patient reports pain and a sensation of burning upon urination, along with cloudy urine with an odor. Which of the following would be your priority intervention as the nurse?
20. You are admitting a patient with a kidney stone. Which of the following findings would you expect to note in your assessment?

During your completion of discharge instructions with a patient who has passed a calcium oxalate stone, which of the following food choices should you instruct them to avoid in the future? Select all that apply.

22. You are providing instructions to your patient prior to a mammogram. Which of the following should you instruct your patient to avoid prior to their procedure?

You are reviewing the medical record of your patient with premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Which of the following medications are used to treat PMS? (Select all that apply).

24. It is up to you to provide support to your patient who has a recent diagnosis of endometriosis. You should reinforce to your patient that which of the following conditions is a complication of endometriosis?
25. The nurse is assessing a patient who has a cast on his arm due to a compound fracture. Which of the following findings is an early indication of neurovascular compromise?

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